• Our service provides a comprehensive orientation process to ensure that all families are well informed and confident about policies, procedures, routine and centre’s philosophy. During your first visit we will discuss –

    • ·       Your family’s needs

      ·       Your expectation of our service

      ·       Our programming and documentation

      ·       Your day and time requirements

      ·       Start date

      ·       Fees and Child Care Subsidy

      ·       Closure on Public holidays

      ·       Enrolment process and document required

      ·       Arrival departure requirement.

      ·       Service communication with families such as email, notices, newsletters and text

      ·       Orientation procedure

      ·       Menu

      ·       Sunsmart policy

      ·       Allergies

      ·       Health and Safety

      ·       Special Food Requirement

      ·       Medical Condition

      ·       Additional needs

      ·       Immunisation policy

  • Orientations run for one hour and can be booked in either a morning or afternoon timeslot.
  • It is recommended that the child have at least two orientation visits before starting full-time care. Generally, on the first visit, a parent is invited to remain in the room to play along or observe. During the second visit, the parent is encouraged to leave the room to practice separation.
  • Parents must always remain on the premises during the orientation, as children on orientations are not yet counted in educator-to-child ratios and, therefore, cannot legally be left in care.
  • During the orientation visit, parents will have the opportunity to communicate personal information directly with caregivers. For example, they can speak to the food coordinator about any dietary requirements or talk to the Educational Leader about their child’s stage of development.
  • Most children are ready to start care after the orientation. Though some children may benefit from a longer transition, and we may suggest strategies such as starting with shorter periods of care. It is perfectly normal for new children to experience some separation upset; in most cases this resolves within the first two weeks of starting the new care routine.


Come and play!